First step towards Interacting is to know the people and what areas you can collaborate. This book is a practical guide for individuals and organization to learn from someone who has set a benchmark for others in different sectors. This coffee table book will be an annual publication of PIS to celebrate the success of Indians’ globally.

Biographies 25

A group of inspirational people who have helped create a better world is our vision. Travel around the globe and get fame and fortune in return, who wouldn’t love that? Unsung heroes and personalities who have been always a great source of inspiration for everyone also needs to be applauded.  A few 25 examples that would come to mind would be people who symbolises the level of social responsibility, competitive edge, intellect, popularity and fame et al that everyone wishes they had. The Promising Indian Society will feature 25 unsung Indian personalities who have been doing their bit to “give back to the society”. They have been doing their bit and now, it’s our turn to applaud them on home turf. To know more about such individuals, their lives story, timeline, trivia and interesting facts, you just have to breeze though the list of biographies mentioned below. Leaders, pioneers, campaigners and activists have been airbrushed for reasons best known to them. Our Society’s quest is to unearth the real Karmayogis who have been making a difference in the society in their own way. From the minds of 25 risk takers comes this list of inspirational biographies that will get you motivated. Come, be a part of this inspirational journey. These unsung heroes have held on to their ideas and passions and executed them regardless of how difficult it was to keep going. Come witness their journey, you will know exactly where your passions lie and figure out just what you need to keep doing to make them happen.

The book explores the following:

  • Inspirational life stories
  • Well rounded success stories of their vision
  • Rags to riches mantra
  • Vision that creates the path to success
  • 25 unsung personalities who dared to follow their dreams
  • Tribute to the rare

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About Author

The firm belief of the author is that Inter connectivity of like-minded people is the strongest backbone for the success of any individual or organization. This book aims at providing the most economical and efficient way of networking among the people with an emphasis on globally scattered persons and families of  Indian origin towards spreading the love, peace, brotherhood as well as unleashing the business opportunities.

Prerna Singh
Founder President
Promising Indians


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