Mémoire- Journey from Patna To Delhi

Thirteen years (2006-2019) down the memory lane, a girl came from Patna To Delhi with many dreams & aspirations. She was jumping into unknown, what to do, how to do, where to do and when to do... The questions were never ending.

Coming from conservative Society wherein a girl has no right to build a career, the only thing she can do was to get married and rear children. She broke her first barrier and set a benchmark staying outside Bihar alone for studies and work. She decided to do Masters in Business Administration. Again she had to compromise on selection of College because the institute has to be in Delhi. After completing her studies she got International Placement but again she was not allowed to go #Location-barriers

She started her career as an analyst, she got many fold promotions. She developed India first Knowledgebase on Roads sector and earned industry accolades by writing a book on "Investment in Indian Roadways". Career was smooth but something was pushing her from inside to aspire for more and her hunger to learn led to major career shift from researcher to Media. When she was at peak of her career growth, She decided for Entrepreneurship #random-decision

She left hefty paying job to serve the nation by laying down the foundation of "Promising Indian Society- Uniting Indians Worldwide"in the year 2017. The organisation has been established to recognize and reward the success stories of Indians and Persons of Indian Origin who are making a mark with their work worldwide and provide a platform for equal-for-all networking and collaborative business opportunities to all Indians across the globe.While they have been gathering accolades and applause, there is always an iota of hope left for their homeland. "Pravasis" or Non-Resident Indians, who have been living abroad throughout their lives, always yearn for a warm homecoming. Every December, Promising Indian Society (PIS) sets the stage and unrolls a red carpet to applaud and acknowledge the Indian community from across the globe .

Challenges are many but an Entrepreneur has to find opportunity in every challenge. People laughed at idea, asked for revenue model- break even etc. She kept on doing her work without taking into consideration any negativity coming on her way. #breakingBarriers

Now She (Prerna Singh) has proved that when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. Now her take from past 13 years in Delhi-

  • Being a founder of Promising Indian Society
  • Touching the lives of 50,000+ Eminent Indians
  • Recognition from National and International Agencies
  • Launching International Chapters every year

No matter who you are but it does matter where you are!!!